Erdogan reaps the disasters of his policies … The migration season of Gulf investments from Turkey


MEA– Gulf investments have reached a record low in the history of investment in Turkey, Gulf money in general appeared to be leaving Turkish territory gradually and finite, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set a record high of nearly $ 8 billion from the Turkish investment market in less than two years which deepened the effects of the economic crisis.ç


The danger of leaving the Gulf capital stands out because it is irreplaceable, especially since the numbers are so big that the besieged and exhausted by penalties state of Qatar cannot cover even a small part of it.

In a private statement, a source in the Central Bank of Turkey stated that “the crisis of the withdrawal of financial assets of the Gulf, reflected not only on the sectors where they were employed, but in the overall economic cycle, and in the money markets and the stock market movement.”

He added: “This unexpected pressure and relatively rapid, led to an imbalance in the situation of the Turkish currency, which has fallen under the weight of investment faltering and the withdrawal of capital, not to mention the political factors that imposed a climate of mistrust of the investment situation and the overall economic and financial scene in Turkey.”


The source said: “The crisis is heading to a more serious situation, as the withdrawal of UAE funds, is the tip of the iceberg, especially as the movement of repositioning of Saudi capital indicates a process of imminent and large withdrawal from the Turkish market, will have in the event of a cataclysm impact on the economy of Turkey, which is exhausted by open political crises with various neighboring countries and the Arab world, as well as with crises with the countries of the world, which are widening day by day.


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