Dahlan:the US statement on the Israeli colonies was a radical reversal of the legal principle that None Acquisitions Territory By War “

In response to Pompeo’s statement, Palestinian Leader Mohammad Dahlan said that” the US statement on the Israeli colonies was a radical reversal of the legal status that None Acquisitions Territory By War “.

The legal nature of our territories occupied since the Israeli invasion of June 5, 1967, comes as a continuation after the U.S policy recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation state, Dahlan added.

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has announced on Monday that the Trump administration believes “that what we’ve done today has recognized the reality on the ground”.

The U.S. would not be taking a view on the legal status of any specific settlement, the American top diplomat said


“The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements is not, per se, inconsistent with international law,” Pompeo told reporters.


Mohammed Dahlan, a former Fatah security chief

With such violations, the US administration seeks to perpetuate the conflict and bloodshed in our region and these actions are not confronted with statements and media, if we acted differently after Trump’s announcement, Pompeo would have thought carefully before releasing his ugly words, Dahlan Said.


the Palestinians leader call for a national conference to respond to Pompeo’s statement “.

he asked to end all obligations under the Oslo agreements, and especially all forms of security cooperation between the Palestinian security and intelligence services with their Israeli and American parts Because the continuation of that security cooperation is a shame and assigns many suspicions on the Palestinian side.

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