How Oman plans to use solar eclipse to boost tourism

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism partners with the Oman Astronomical Society to record one of the rarest astronomical events

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism is gearing up to host a unique scientific tourism experience to local and international tourists related to a solar eclipse phenomenon which is set to occur in the sultanate on Thursday.

The ministry said it has partnered with the Oman Astronomical Society (OAS) to record one of the rarest astronomical events.

The Annular Eclipse 2019 project aims to host tourists to observe the phenomenon which will happen on the morning of December 26.

Ali Al Shaibani, vice chairman of the OAS and project supervisor Oman’s share of the annular eclipse will be abundant as the sun will look like a ring in the governorates of Al Dhahirah, Al Dakhyliyah, Al Wusta, and Al Sharqiyyah South, along with the possibility of viewing partial eclipse in the rest of the sultanate’s central and southeastern region.

“The solar eclipse will continue for about two hours and 29 minutes in Oman while the annular eclipse will last for about 3 minutes in the areas located along the path of the annular eclipse,” he added.

Anwar Al Balushi, director of Tourism Events at the Ministry of Tourism, said: “This initiative brings Oman to the forefront of tourism for promoting scientific events in line with our efforts to strengthen the nation’s position as a key global destination.

“Through this project, we look forward to providing a unique experience for residents and visitors, in addition to encouraging researchers and scientific institutions to establish research and scientific studies related to the solar eclipse phenomenon.”

The Annular Eclipse Project includes several programs and events, which include a major promotional campaign for Oman in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism. There will also be an awareness campaign regarding the safe methods of watching the solar eclipse.

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