Iraq won’t be springboard to attack neighbors: New PM al-Kadhimi to US ambassador


Iraq’s newly appointed Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi received on Saturday the US ambassador to Iraq Douglas A. Silliman.

Al-Kadhimi told the ambassador that his country would not be used for settling accounts nor as a springboard to attack any neighboring or friendly country.

The ambassador reiterated the need to maintain security and stability in the region and assured al-Kadhimi of Washington’s support to Iraq.

Silliman also expressed the US government’ willingness to assist Iraq in the fight against coronavirus.

Al-Kadhimi, Iraq’s intelligence chief and a former journalist, was appointed as the new prime minister of the country on Wednesday, after months of instability.

Al-Kadhimi began his term without a full cabinet, however, after several ministerial candidates were rejected.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesdaywelcomed Iraq’s formation of a government and extended a waiver on Iran sanctionsto ease pressure on the new leader.

In a phone call with the prime minister, Pompeo congratulated him on taking office and discussed “working together to provide the Iraqi people the prosperity and security they deserve,” the State Department said.




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