Coronavirus: Most new infections in Oman found in non-Omani residents


Oman recorded 193 new coronavirus infections, mostly in non-Omanis, and one new death, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday.

This brings the total number of cases in the country to 5,379 and the virus-related death toll to 23.

The ministry confirmed that 72 Omani citizens and 121 non-Omani residents were infected with the virus.

A 46-year-old non-Omani resident died on Monday due to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the number of recoveries in the country rose to 1,496.


Oman announced its first two cases of the virus on February 24 after two Omani women were infected during a trip to Iran.

Strict measures were imposed throughout Oman to prevent the further spread of the virus. A lockdown had been implemented in the capital Muscat and was extended until the end of May. Ramadan mass gatherings were also banned throughout the Sultanate.




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