Coronavirus: Qatar records 1,365 new infections as active cases rise to 29,055


Qatar records 1,365 new coronavirus infections as the number of active cases rises to 29,055, the Ministry of Health announced on Monday.

Nineteen people were admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in the past 24 hours, which brings the total number of people in ICUs in Qatar to 172.

The virus-related death toll in Qatar is 15, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, a total of 4,899 people have recovered from the coronavirus in the country.

Qatar has made wearing a face mask compulsory for everyone who steps outside their home, with violators facing jail time and fines of up to $55,000, according to AFP.

The country has seen a relatively high number of coronavirus cases given it has a population of 2.75 million people.



Al Arabiya English

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