Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia records 3,531 recoveries, 1,644 new cases


Saudi Arabia recorded 3,531 new recoveries and 1,644 new coronavirus infection cases over the past 24 hours, taking the total to 80,185 on Thursday, according to the health ministry.

The ministry also reported that 16 people who had previously tested positive for the virus have died due to complications. However, the death toll remains relatively low in the Kingdom having reached 441.

Despite a steady increase in COVID-19 cases, Saudi Arabia has seen an increase in its recovery numbers with nearly 70 percent, 54,553 total, of those who contracted the virus in the Kingdom have recovered so far.

Easing restrictions

Saudi Arabia has lifted some restrictions on movement for residents within the country and is now allowing travel between its provinces in a partial easing of its coronavirus lockdown, the Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the Kingdom announced it would be entering a new phase of its coronavirus strategy on May 28. Today, the ministry confirmed that the new strategy had been put into place, lifting some of the restrictions imposed in lockdown.

More shops, including wholesale, retail and malls, will also be allowed to reopen in a further lifting of the lockdown restrictions, as long as all precautionary measures are adhered to.

All activities that don’t allow social distancing remain banned until further notice.



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