Iran beheaded teen’s father was ensured he won’t get death penalty before killing her


An Iranian father who recently beheaded his teenage daughter in a so-called “honor killing” consulted a lawyer prior to killing his daughter to ensure he will not receive the death penalty, an Iranian daily reported on Saturday.

Reza Ashrafi beheaded his 14-year-old daughter Romina Ashrafi in her sleep on May 14 in a so-called “honor killing” that shook Iran and stoked a nationwide outcry.

A month before killing his daughter, Ashrafi had checked and found out through his son-in-law, who is a lawyer, that based on Iran’s laws, he would not receive the death penalty for killing his own child, Iranian daily Shahrvand reported on Saturday.

A father who kills his child is not considered a murderer and escapes the death penalty, according to the laws of the Islamic Republic.



Under Article 612 of Iran’s Islamic penal code, Ashrafi will face between three to ten years in prison, according to a member of Iran’s Guardian Council.

The victim, Romina Ashrafi, had run away from home following her father’s opposition to her marrying a man she had “fallen in love with,” according to local media. The man Ashrafi wanted to be with is reportedly 35 years old, according to local Iranian media outlets.



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