Kurdish man killed in Turkey for listening to Kurdish songs: Report


A Kurdish man was stabbed to death by three Turkish men near Turkey’s capital Ankara because he was listening to Kurdish music, according to a media report.

Baris Cakan, 20, was attacked and killed on Sunday while he was reportedly out for “some fresh air” at a park, according to his family, reported Mezopotamya Agency, a Kurdish news agency in Ankara.

The three suspects were detained after the incident, according to the report.

Cakan’s cousin, Dogan Cakan, was reportedly attacked in a prior incident as well, the new agency said in the report.

However, a statement from the Ankara governor’s office contradicts the details of the incident first reported.

“The incident happened after the victim and friends had warned the suspected opposite party as the suspected party was listening to loud music in their car during the Azan [call to prayer], vice versa to the claims that the victim and his friends were interfered by the suspected opposite party while listening to Kurdish music,” the statement read.

The governor’s office confirmed that the suspects were immediately taken into custody and legal measures will be taken.

No further details have been reported.

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