Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia records nearly 5,000 new case in highest daily toll yet


Saudi Arabia has recorded 4,919 newcoronaviruscases over the past 24 hours, raising the total to 141,234, the health ministry announced on Wednesday.

Most of the newly detected cases were found in the city of Riyadh which saw a significant increase of 2,371 new cases since Tuesday.

The ministry also said in a statement that 10 individuals contracted the virus due to not wearing a face mask and ignoring social distancing measures at a workplace. Two of the 10 are in critical conditions.

The Kingdom also recorded 39 new fatalities, taking the death toll to 1,091.

Despite an increase in new cases, the Kingdom continues to confirm additional recoveries daily. Over the past 24 hours, 2,122 individuals out of Saudi’s 141,234 total cases have recovered.

International flights suspended

On Monday, authoritie extended the suspension of all international flights to and from the Kingdom until further notice due to the virus outbreak and Saudi Arabia’s increasing numbers.

Only flights carrying Saudi Arabian citizens who were stranded abroad have been allowed to enter the Kingdom from abroad, Saudia airline said.

Domestic flights in the Kingdom via its national airlines resumed on May 31 after they were suspended for more than two months.



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