Coronavirus: UAE reports 387 new infections, 365 recoveries, one death


The UAE reported on Saturday 387 new coronavirus cases, 365 recoveries and one death, according to UAE government spokesperson, Dr. Amna al-Shamsi.

The country’s tally now stands at 47,360 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 35,834 recovered patients and the death toll stands at 311 fatalities.


Al-Shamsi said that coronavirus patients who are still undergoing treatment reached 11,215.

She also stressed: “As we are gradually going back to normal, it is the responsibility of every citizen and resident to continue to follow precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of society.”


UAE re-opens

The UAE’s has been gradually easing coronavirus-related restrictions.

The country announced on Wednesday, lifting the coronavirus-curfew that was previously imposed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and the completion of the national disinfection program which it had launched in March and involved sterilizing utilities, public transport, streets, among other areas nationwide.

The UAE also said that it will start allowing residents and citizens to travel to some “low risk” countries from June 23, after the country had suspended in March all passenger travel in and out of it.

The country’s Ministry of Education is also studying the possibility of allowing students to return back to schools and universities in for the upcoming academic year. The authorities had shut down all educational institutions early in March and initiated a distance learning program online.

The authorities also increased the maximum capacity for customers in malls and restaurants to 60 percent and allowed children under the age of 12 and seniors who are not over 70 years of age back into all commercial centers and restaurants, given that they adhere to all the health precautions.



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