Unknown group claims responsibility for incident at Natanz nuclear site: BBC Persian


An unknown group claiming to be dissidents within Iran’s security apparatus has claimed responsibility for the Thursday incident at a nuclear site in central Iran, according to the BBC’s Persian service.

Iran’s nuclear body said an accident had taken place on Thursday at a construction site in the Natanz nuclear site without causing casualties, state news agency IRNA reported.

The Natanz facility is one of Iran’s main uranium enrichment plants.

A previously unheard-of group calling itself “The Homeland’s Cheetahs” has claimed responsibility for the incident, BBC Persian said Thursday.

The BBC’s Persian service said it received a statement from the group via email “hours” before Iran reported the incident.

In their statement, “The Homeland’s Cheetahs” claim to be an “underground” group of dissidents who are present in and operating from within the Iranian regime’s security services, BBC Persian said.

The group claims they carried out the “operation” at the Natanz facility at 2 a.m. on Thursday, according to BBC Persian.



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