Coronavirus outbreak in Saudi Arabia ranks at high risk: Expert metrics


A new COVID-19 risk level map ranks the outbreak in Saudi Arabia at a substantially high risk and provides guidelines for government response, which the Kingdom has been largely in line with.

The map, which was developed by teams at Harvard’s Global Health Institute and Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, determines the severity of an outbreak in a given country based on the number of new daily reported cases.


The coronavirus outbreak in Saudi Arabia ranks at the orange risk level – the third highest risk category – which means it is quickly spreading, data developed by a network of health research experts showed.

The new metrics suggests different responses based on the level that would help effectively contain the outbreak of COVID-19.

Saudi Arabia has been reporting an average of 11.1 cases for every 100,000 people, according to the data, with experts recommending increased testing, tracing programs, and lockdown measures to contain the outbreak for this risk level.

The Kingdom recently lifted the nationwide curfew but has continued to enforce strict measures and conduct thousands of COVID-19 tests daily.

The contact tracing app Tawakkalna was also developed to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading further.

The different risk levels and the recommended responses for each are as follow:

Countries that report less than one case per every 100,000 people are on the green risk level and are on track for containment, according to the experts. Countries with this level of risk include Canada, China, Algeria, Spain, and Italy.

To ensure that the number of infections does not rise, countries at the green level must monitor cases with viral testing and contact tracing programs, they said.

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