Rocket attack on Baghdad Green Zone in Iraq injures child, damages house


A Katyusha rocket launched from the Ali al-Saleh area in Baghdad toward the Green Zone, home to the US Embassy, injured a child and damaged a house on Sunday after it landed to the south of its target, according to a Security Media Cell statement.
Meanwhile, security forces also thwarted another Katyusha rocket from being launched at Taji military air base north of Baghdad which hosts US troops, the statement added.

No further details were available on the latest incident. Early Sunday morning, air defense systems in Iraq had intercepted another rocket targeting the US Embassy, according to Al Arabiya’s correspondent.

A Patriot battery system was able to respond to the rocket but was unable to intercept it far enough and therefore fell within the Green Zone, local media outlet al-Dijla TV reported citing its own security source.

“The missile that was intercepted by the American embassy in Baghdad fell near a number of sit-ins protesters close to the Green Zone area. It landed close to the bridge leading to the Green Zone itself,” Al Arabiya’s correspondent in Baghdad Majid Hamid reported.

US officials have blamed Iran-backed militia for regular rocket attacks on US facilities in Iraq, including near the embassy in Baghdad. No known Iran-backed groups have claimed responsibility, according to Reuters.

– With Reuters

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