Turkish frigates enter the Tunisian territorial waters after the surprise attack

Paris -Turkish forces in Libya received a painful blow, at dawn today, by destroying air defense systems that Turkey had deployed last Thursday at the Al-Wattia base of strategic importance.
While the strikes were attributed to the French Air Force, well-informed western sources believed that France was behind the raids, due to the fact that the raided planes were of French-made Rafale type.
The same sources suggested that the planes took off from an air base in Mali.
The intersection of information of a number of Western intelligence and military sources revealed that following the strike, 3 Turkish frigates (TCG Goksu -TCG Gokova -TCG Giresun) which were settled down near the Libyan coast, entered the Tunisian territorial water, in an attempt to avoid being targeted .
On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron had accused Turkey of flouting its commitments by ramping up its military presence in Libya and bringing in fighters from Syria.
“I think that it’s a historic and criminal responsibility for a country that claims to be a member of NATO,” Macron said. “We have the right to expect more from Turkey than from Russia, given that it is a member of NATO.”
It’s not the first time Turkey has been at the center of controversy at NATO. Ankara’s invasion of northern Syria last year angered its allies, while its purchase of Russian-made missiles, which NATO says would compromise allied defense systems, got Turkey kicked out of the F-35 stealth fighter program.

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