Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia records 2,671 new infections as cases continue decline


Saudi Arabia has recorded 2,671 new coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours as daily cases continue to decline, according to the health ministry.

Similar to previous trends, the city of Riyadh saw the highest number in single-day increase with 250 new cases. Riyadh had the second highest with 226 followed by al-Hafouf with 211 new COID-19 cases recorded.

An additional 40 fatalities were also reported, raising the death toll to 2,325.

Despite the continued detection of new cases, the total number of recoveries as reached 183,048, making up 76 percent of all 240,474 cases. Nearly 5,500 individuals who had previously tested positive for the virus have recovered over the past 24 hours.

The health ministry also announced that the Kingdom successfully treated 132 COVID-19 patients using plasma donated by recovered patients. This was done as part of a research study in which a group of Saudi researchers and research centers took part in. Over 634 recovered patients have donated blood plasma, according to the health ministry.

On Tuesday, a health ministry spokesman said Saudi Arabia has seen “stability” in confirmed and critical coronavirus cases in recent days, and that there been a decrease of 1.5 percent in critical cases over the past week.

Despite seeing a slight improvement in the Kingdom, cases continue increasing globally and people must “return to normal” with caution, spokesman Dr. Mohammed al-Abd al-Ali said.


Al Arabiya English

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