Missing Saudi Arabian man found dead in desert, died while praying


A Saudi Arabian man who was missing for three days has been found in the middle of a desert in Riyadh province while he was in the “sujood” or prostration praying position, prompting hundreds of social media users to pray for him online.

Videos of a rescue team finding the man and his car – which was stocked with sticks which may indicate that he was gathering wood for his family – went viral on social media platforms.

Dhuwaihi Hamoud al-Ajaleen had gone missing from his home on Thursday in Riyadh’s Wadi al-Dawasir, according to local media reports.

The 40-year-old was found three days later in the middle of the desert after police launched an intensive search for him.

Rescue teams drove through the desert before finding al-Ajaleen a few meters away from his car, local media said.

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