US calls on Brazil to refrain from working with China’s Huawei


Brazil is the latest country the United States is trying to convince to ban China’s Huawei, which Washington says “is the backbone of China’s worldwide surveillance state.”

Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach published an article with Brazil’s O Globo warning that 5G networks are critical to a specific country’s “most sensitive personal, commercial and governmental data.

Krach said that Ericsson and Nokia, as well as Samsung from South Korea, were trusted firms.

“Huawei is the backbone of China’s worldwide surveillance state. It presents itself as a private and independent company, yet it must abide by China’s

National Intelligence Law by turning over private citizen and business data to the Chinese government upon request,” the US official said.

Washington has successfully lobbied several nations to ban Huawei, including the United Kingdom, which reversed a deal with the Chinese company.

The US says that it will stand with Brazil against any Chinese “coercion or bullying directed at you,” calling on Brazil to carefully decide with regards to working with Huawei.

Al Arabiya English

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