Coronavirus: 300 hotel guests quarantined in Jordan after chef gets COVID-19


Hundreds of hotel guests in Jordan have been forced to quarantine for another 14 days after a chef at the hotel tested positive for coronavirus, according to local media reports.

A source told Assawsana News that 300 guests, who had already been quarantined in the hotel for two weeks as a preventative measure, were required to extend their stay due to the chef’s infection in the capital Amman.

The five-star hotel reportedly charges 70 Jordanian dinars ($99) per person per night, which will be covered by the hotel for the 300 guests for the required 14-day stay.

Jordan has seen a significant increase in infections over the past month despite strict preventative measures implemented, including the shut down of the country’s international airport and 24-hour lockdowns. The health ministry has confirmed 2,161 cases and 15 COVID-19 related deaths as of August 3.

Despite a spike cases, authorities have announced the resumption of regular international flights starting from September 8 in an effort to revive the tourism-dependent economy severely hit by the pandemic.

Travelers will be required to present a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of travel and will be required to take another PCR upon arrival in Jordan.

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