Saudi Arabia to host G20 meeting to discuss labor policies, women, youth empowerment


The G20 Employment and Labor Ministers will gather virtually amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on September 10 to discuss improving current labor policies and social protection systems, according to a press release from the group.

The Kingdom, which currently holds the G20 Presidency, will chair the meeting where ministers will address a number of issues, including empowering youth and women.

“Ministers will meet to build on the commitments at the G20 Leaders’ Extraordinary Summit in March and the Employment and Labor Ministers’ Meeting in April, where members committed to discuss impact of COVID19 and monitor the recovery of labor markets that can ensure the progress of all workers and adequately supporting them in their return to work,” the press release said.

On Thursday, foreign ministers of G20 countries met to discuss reopening borders and enhancing international cooperation on economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministers acknowledged the importance of opening borders, according to a G20 statement, as well as promoting procedures that “allow the economy to thrive in light of the protective measures” put in place due to COVID-19.

Last week, Saudi Arabia hosted a webinar for the B20, which represents the global business community across all G20 member states and all economic sectors.

For the upcoming G20 summit, Saudi Arabia has made the B20 one of the key engagement groups, with women in business as a signature topic.

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