Coronavirus: UAE reports 1,046 new COVID-19 in steady increase


The United Arab Emirates has confirmed 1,046 new coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, raising the total to 101,840, the health ministry announced on Wednesday.

An additional 1,154 recoveries were also recorded, in addition to one fatality.

The death toll as remained relatively low at a total of 436 deaths as of October 7, according to the health ministry.

Health authorities are urging people to take the influenza (flu) vaccine in an effort to not overwhelm the health sector and to avoid a rise in flu infections amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone should help the national health sector by taking the influenza vaccine, which is available at all health centers. Influenza may only cause mild symptoms in some categories of people, but elderly people and people with chronic diseases may experience serious reactions,” UAE government spokesman Dr. Omar al-Hammadi said on Tuesday.

“Influenza is similar to the coronavirus in terms of transmission, most notably through inhaling droplets from coughs and sneezes and touching contaminated surfaces then touching the mouth, nose or eyes,” the official explained.

Al-Hammadi clarified that the flu vaccine does not protect against the coronavirus and people should continue practicing social distancing, wearing masks and other precautionary measures.

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