Coronavirus: UAE reports record high number of cases at 1,538


The United Arab Emirates reported a record high number of daily coronavirus infections on Saturday, with 1,538 new cases detected.

The Ministry of Health conducted 130,567 tests in the past 24 hours. Four COVID-19 related deaths and 1,411 recoveries were also recorded.

The previous record high number of daily cases, recorded Wednesday, was 1,431.

Infections in the country have hovered above 1,000 per day since October 5, when the UAE reported 932 new cases.

The UAE has conducted over 10 million tests since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, becoming the first country in the world where the number of COVID-19 tests performed exceed the total population, according to government spokesman Dr. Omar al-Hammadi.

The country’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management (NCEMA) announced earlier this month the formation of seven inspection teams – one in each emirate – to monitor the application of precautionary COVID-19 measures.

NCEMA also called on the health sector to prepare vaccination campaigns nationwide for a potential flu outbreak.

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