Saudi Arabia may see a rise in coronavirus cases if measures ignored: Health minister


While cases of the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia have decreased in recent weeks, the Kingdom could see a rise in infections if countermeasures are not followed, health minister Dr. Tawfik al-Rabiah said on Monday.

Several countries are currently witnessing a second wave of COVID-19 infections, largely due to people not adhering to preventative measures and not wearing a mask, the minister said.

The Kingdom has reported less than 400 cases a day since Thursday. The total number of confirmed infections in Saudi Arabia is 342,583. Flourish chart

Saudi Arabia will secure a vaccine as soon as a safe and effective one becomes available, al-Rabiah added.

The minister urged the public to remember that the actions of a few individuals could affect hundreds of other people in the country.

“We ask everyone to cooperate by applying health precautions and not being complacent. We are all in the same boat, and the failure of some affects everyone,” he said on Twitter.

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