Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia says current COVID-19 case levels do not call for curfew


The current levels of coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia do not necessitate reinstating a curfew in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Mohammad al-Abdulaali said on Sunday.

“The current levels did not reach the those that require introducing strict precautionary measures and we do not anticipate reaching levels that require such measures any time soon,” he said, according to state news agency SPA.

Al-Abdulaali highlighted that the number of critical coronavirus patients in the Kingdom has dropped by 9 percent compared to last week.

Saudi Arabia reported 323 new COVID-19 cases, 335 new recovered patients and 15 new deaths over the past 24.

The Kingdom’s coronavirus tally currently stands at 344,875 confirmed cases, 331,330 recovered patients, and 5,296 fatalities as of Sunday.

Out of the confirmed cases, 8,249 are actively receiving treatment, and 767 out of those are in critical condition.

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