US elections: Almost 100 million voters cast ballots ahead of Election Tuesday


Almost 100 million US voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Tuesday in a sign of increased enthusiasm from Americans to take part in electing their next president.

A total of 99,657,079 early votes were counted, according to US Elections Project, which is 72 percent of all the votes cast in the 2016 election.

An estimated 35 million people chose to vote in-person at polling stations, while close to 64 million voted using mailed ballots. There are 28 million mailed ballots still outstanding, the election website said.

It is anticipated that the total number of voters would blow by the 138 million who voted in 2016.

But the popular vote does not determine the winner. Instead, the first candidate to garner 270 votes in the 538-member Electoral College becomes the next president.

Opinion polls have so far heavily favored Democratic nominee and former VP Joe Biden to cruise by incumbent President Donald Trump.

In 2016, Trump was also chosen to lose to Hillary Clinton based on the opinion polls.

However, Trump and the Republican Party believe the opposite and have said they expect a “Red Wave” to sweep across the country. The color red is used to describe the Republicans, while the color blue is associated with Democrats.

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