Israel sends delegation to Sudan to firm up ties, Israeli radio says


JERUSALEM – Israel sent a first delegation to Sudan on Monday after the countries announced a U.S.-brokered agreement on Oct. 23 to take steps towards establishing ties, Israel’s Army Radio reported.

Israeli and Sudanese officials had no immediate comment.

Speaking last week, Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said the initial delegation to Sudan would be small and tasked with security matters. A larger delegation would follow to address possible economic cooperation with Khartoum, he told Ynet TV.

Sudan followed the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in becoming the third Arab government to engage Israel with the encouragement of Washington, which sees such contacts as helping to isolate Iran and sidestep stalled Palestinian statehood talks.

But the military and civilian echelons of the transitional Sudanese government have been divided over how fast and how far to go towards normalising relations with Israel.


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