Lebanon experiences total power outage as severe storm rages


Lebanon has experienced a total power outage on Saturday as a severe storm accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain damaged the central high-tension power line that connects multiple power plants across the country.

After hours of a total power outage, Electricity of Lebanon announced late Saturday night that at about 12.50 PM, the stormy weather subjected the electrical network to a shock. The rough weather has led to the separation of the Zahrani – Aramoun line, Jiyeh – Jamhour line, and the Jamhour – Basta line, which in turn led to the separation of the production groups in each of the factories of Deir Ammar and Zahrani from the network, followed by the rest of the production groups.

“Accordingly, the power supply was cut off in all Lebanese regions, including the administrative Beirut. Currently, the technical teams are continuing their efforts to restore the groups, respectively, to service, and consequently, gradually restoring the electrical supply to the various regions,” EDL added.

Earlier during the day, Beirut’s coastal area witnessed a massive storm accompanied by heavy wind gusts reaching 120 km/h. Torrential hail and rain have caused floods in multiple regions leading to blockage of the major coastal highway.

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