Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia ranked sixth safest country in COVID-19 risk assessment


Saudi Arabia is the sixth safest country to travel to based on coronavirus criteria, according to Wego Travel’s COVID-19 Country Risk Assessment.

The travel company Wego compiles a frequently updated coronavirus risk assessment chart that ranks countries based on their safety of travel.

The list applies the European Union’s COVID-19 safety criteria to data taken from Our World in Data and ranks countries from “Safe” to “High Cases & Positivity.”

Of the 70 countries with sufficient data and testing, only six were ranked as “Safe” for travel.

Saudi Arabia ranked sixth with 8.8 cases per million, test positivity of 0.6 percent, and 1,549 tests per million.

The safest country was Australia (0.5 new cases per million, no test positivity, and 1,693 tests per million), followed by New Zealand, Singapore, Zambia, and Cuba.

Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates were among the second safest category of “Elevated Cases.”

Palestine and Jordan joined the US and UK as having “High New Cases,” while Qatar, Iraq, and Iran were in the most dangerous category of “High Cases & Positivity.”

The Wego data had last been updated on November 27 at the time this article was published.

Saudi Arabia currently remains closed to most international travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, with air routes expected to reopen to the public in January.

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