Egypt to reduce civil servants to stop spread of coronavirus


Egypt will reduce the number of employees and workers in government offices as a precautionary measure to prevent another surge in coronavirus infections, an official spokesperson announced yesterday.

Khaled Qassem said that the orders were issued by the “Prime Minister’s office two weeks ago.”

“The government directives have emphasised on taking all the preventive measures to confront the spread of the virus, including adhering to social distancing, wearing face masks and avoiding crowds,” Qassem was quoted by Russia Today (RT) as saying.

He stressed that the reductions would not affect the “productivity or quality of the public services provided to citizens.”

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced a total of 358 new cases of COVID-19 and 15 fatalities.

There have been a total of 115,911 confirmed cases in Egypt, 6,650 of whom have died, and 102,718 who have recovered, according to the US’ Worldometers.

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