Health officials warn of new COVID-19 strain spread in Palestine


Palestinian health officials warned on Friday of the spread of the new COVID-19 strain in the Palestinian territories after recording the first 17 cases infected with the strain.

Director of medical services in the Palestinian Ministry of Health Osama al-Najjar told reporters in Ramallah that the Palestinian medical teams intensify their efforts with all the concerned parties to detect the new strain.

Mai al-Kaila, Palestinian health minister, said in a press statement on Thursday that medical teams are following up on the patients’ conditions and taking samples from their contacts.

“The new strain of the coronavirus is considered more rapid to spread among the population. Also, it may infect all ages of the people,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, al-Kaila said on Friday that the health ministry recorded 12 fatalities, 494 new COVID-19 cases, and 792 recoveries in the Palestinian territories.

“Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Palestine in March 2020, the health ministry has recorded 173,470 cases, including 1,925 deaths and 161,162 recoveries,” she added.


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