CEO of EgyptAir official dies during TV interview


The CEO of Egypt’s national air carrier, EgyptAir, died while he was being interviewed on TV, local media reported yesterday.

TV presenter at local ExtraNews, Aya Abdel Rahman, said that the late company president, Abu Taleb Tawfik, died “while recording an interview with him in his office,” adding that his death was a result of a “sudden heart attack.”

Abdel Rahman pointed out that the deceased had asked her to interview his workers at Cairo airport, adding that he “unexpectedly had fallen on the ground as we walked towards the workers.” She described the incident as the “most difficult throughout my entire career.”

“Life is worthless, you can die any second,” Abdel Rahamn stressed.

The funeral was said to have taken place in the Giza governorate’s southern village of Al-Marazeeq.

Tawfik, 55, was reported to have been appointed to carry out the duties of the chairman of the Board of Directors of EgyptAir one day earlier.

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