Palestine: Total number of the new COVID-19 strain rises to 28


Palestine reported on Saturday 11 cases of new COVID-19 strain, bringing the total number of cases who tested positive for the new strain in Palestine to 28.

Spokesman of the Palestinian health ministry, Kamal Al-Shakhra said the new cases were recorded in the cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem, in addition to Al-Ram town north of Jerusalem.

Following the reports, the Palestinian Authority announced tighter measures and closure on the weekends (Friday and Saturday), and called on the citizens to practice social distancing and wear face-masks.

The Governor of Bethlehem, Kamel Hmaid, in a press statement said that tightening the closure comes in the context of preserving the safety of citizens, and limiting its spread.

He appealed to citizens, in cooperation with the security and health institution, to curb the spread of the virus, and to allow the competent authorities to continue their work, in accordance with health ministry protocols.

According to the official statistics website of the Palestinian ministry of health, the total cases of COVID-19 hit 178,516, with 515 reported yesterday, and a total of 2,010 deaths.

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