UNICEF reminds all parties to conflict in Syria of obligations to protect children


UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Sunday reminded all parties to the conflict in the war-torn Syria of their obligations to protect children after four children were reportedly killed in two attacks in northern Syria.

“Once again, UNICEF reminds all parties to the conflict of their obligations to protect children at all times and refrain from violence in civilian areas,” Bo Viktor Nylund, UNICEF representative in Syria, said in a statement.

“These recent attacks are a stark reminder that violence continues in Syria and children continue to be in danger day in, day out,” said the statement.

“Since the start of this year, at least 22 children have reportedly been killed,” the statement noted.

“Ten years into the conflict, children continue to be the hardest hit by unprecedented destruction, displacement and death. They have lost their lives, homes and childhoods. It is high time that the violence in Syria comes to an end,” the statement stressed.

Several people, including four children, are reported dead, with many more injured, following a weekend of deadly bomb attacks in towns in northern rural Aleppo, Syria.

According to media reports, a car bomb detonated in the town of Azaz on Sunday, killing four and injuring at least 22. One of the dead was reportedly a 12-year-old girl. The attack comes just a day after an attack in Afrin, also in the Aleppo region, also a car-bombing, which reportedly killed six civilians, three of whom were children.


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