WHO plans to roll out Covid-19 vaccines across Syria from April


The body’s COVAX programme aims to immunise around five million people in the war-torn country by spring 2021.

The World Heath Organization has said it is deploying teams across Syria for a vaccination programme that will be rolled out both in regime-held areas and territory outside its control, perhaps as soon as April.

Dr Akjemal Magtymova, WHO representative in Damascus, said the body’s COVAX programme plans to immunise five million Syrians, 20 percent of the population across all parts of the country, despite the conflict now entering its 11th year.

“We are preparing our vaccine deployment plan with the ministry of health to make sure the programme goes well,” Magtymova said, adding the priority was first to vaccinate high risk health workers, social workers and the most vulnerable.

Most Syrians live in areas now under regime control, but the opposition still control areas in the north. 

Around a quarter of the population inside Syria is displaced, many in camps.

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