Lebanese protest coronavirus lockdown extension amid worsening economic situation


Protesters took to the streets of Beirut to condemn the extension of the coronavirus lockdown amid a worsening economic situation, local media reported.

The government announced a four-step plan to gradually ease closing restrictions, but shops and restaurants’ reopening was delayed until the last phase of the plan in the end of March, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

“We ask the Prime Minister and the President to ease the restrictions and allow us [shop owners] to go back to business, with some sort of restrictions, we cannot keep our shops closed, it has been a month already, if we don’t work, we cannot bring food to the table for our families at the end of the day, the government did not support us in any way, they just asked us to remain home with no alternatives,” a shop owner told a local TV station.

The protestors blocked the road in Beirut’s area of “Cola” for a short time.

After the protest ended the security forces worked on facilitating traffic again.

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