COVID-19 in Egypt: Numbers creeping up with 573 new cases and 52 deaths on Tuesday


Egypt’s Health Ministry on Tuesday confirmed 573 new COVID-19 cases, up from 567 the day before. The ministry also announced 52 virus-related deaths and 400 fully-recovered cases.

The country has now reported a total of 170,780 cases, 133,098 recovered cases, and 9,751 deaths.

Egypt’s second wave hit its peak on December 30, when the health ministry reported 1,411 new cases. Case numbers experienced a sharp decline in January, but are now slowly rising again.

The daily death count has remained consistent since the onset of the second wave.

Strictly enforced precautionary measures, a shift back to online learning, and a reduction in public gatherings have all contributed to the decline in case numbers, said Presidential adviser Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din.

Government officials continue to urge authorities to strictly enforce the country’s mask mandate, which applies to all public transportation and indoor public spaces.

Egypt launched its vaccination campaign on January 24, however, officials are predicting a slow rollout as the country waits for the arrival of doses.

The ministry is currently using China’s Sinopharm vaccine and has received doses of the UK’s AstraOxford vaccine.

The first doses, like in the rest of the world, are reserved for healthcare workers, the elderly, and at-risk persons. The ministry expects to launch its vaccine registration portal for the general public as early as next week.

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