Tunisia offers to support Libya’s transitional government


Tunisia is ready to support Libya’s transitional government as the country continues its quest to work towards lasting peace and unity, according to Tunisian President Kais Saied.

Saied made the remarks in a meeting on Monday with the Special Envoy for Libya and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSML) Jan Kubis.

The development comes following a meeting in Geneva earlier this month by Libyan delegates that elected new temporary leaders for the war-scarred country, ahead of national elections in December.

For years, the North African country has been split between the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) and its rival, the eastern-based House of Representatives backed by military strongman Khalifa Haftar.

The country descended into disarray following the 2011 ouster and killing of former president Muammar Gaddafi. The conflict killed tens of thousands of people and forced millions others to flee their homes.

As the country sought peace, a ceasefire was signed in October between the Tripoli-based government and the eastern-based faction. The ceasefire has largely held despite threats to return to war.

According to the UN, the commitment to hold national elections in December points towards an irreversible journey to peace and unity in Libya.

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