opinion poll results prior to the election: Fatah 34.3%; Hamas 29.7%; The reformist movement 20.3%


MEA – An independent Palestinian news agency conducted an opinion poll from February 20 to March 1 Aimed at getting to know the opinions of a vast and diverse segment of the Palestinian community in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem regarding the upcoming Palestinian elections, as well as the extent of expected participation, the proportions of the factions and currents, and the lists participating in them. In crossing the electoral threshold or succeeding in securing representation for it in the upcoming elections.

The poll results showed that if the next legislative elections were held on time, Fatah would receive 34.3% of the votes. In comparison, Hamas would receive 29.7%, and the reformist movement would receive 20.3%, The left party 4.8%, Islamic Jihad Movement 7.7%, while the independent lists would receive 3.2%.

The poll showed that in case of an uncontested single-winner presidential election where only Mahmoud Abbas runs for the elections, 43.4% answered that they would vote for him, while 36.3% said they oppose his election, and 20.3% said that they have not put up their minds yet.

And in case that Hamas decides to nominate one of its leaders, 61.3% of the respondents said that they oppose it, while 33.2% said they support it and 5.5% of the respondents said that they have not yet determined their position.

In response to a question about a woman’s candidacy for the presidential elections, 60.1% said that they would not give her their vote, and 32.4% said that they will vote for her, while 7.5% said that they have not yet stated their opinion.

Regarding the formation of a joint list between Fatah and Hamas to run in the legislative elections, 68.2% of the respondents said that they are against forming such a list, 28.4% said they support that, while 3.4% said that they have not yet stated their opinion about the joint list.

Regarding youth electoral lists, 62.3% of the respondents said that they oppose that, while 26.9% said that they support lists for the youth, and 10.8% said that they have not yet determined their position.

Regarding the percentage of women’s representation in the next Legislative Council, 48.1% said that they are satisfied with the portion of women’s representation. In comparison, 33.5% said they are dissatisfied, and 18.4% said that they have not yet determined a halt to the percentage of women’s representation.

Regarding the possibility of holding the elections on the specified date, 40.6% said it would take place on the selected date, 38.9% said it wouldn’t, and 20.5% said they did not set an opinion-whether or not it will be held.

In response to a question about holding elections in light of the political division between Fatah and Hamas, 64.3% said that they support holding it, 27.8% said that they don’t, while 7.9% of the respondents said that they have not yet determined a position on this issue.
Concerning the respondents’ satisfaction with the “Shtayyeh” government and its performance during the last period, 48.9% said they are satisfied, while 39.4% said they are not satisfied, while 10.4% said they had not identified a position yet.

Regarding the ability of the “Shtayyeh” government to monitor the upcoming elections and its administration, 58.5% said that they have confidence in its ability to do that, while 33.7% said that they do not trust its ability to do so, and 11.7% said that they had not decided yet.

Regarding whether the Israeli occupation will obstruct the elections in Jerusalem, 50.7% said that the occupation would do so. In comparison, 34.9% said that it would not block the elections, and 14.4% said they have not yet decided.

If the Israeli occupation prevents the holding of elections in Jerusalem, 58.2% said that they reject holding legislative elections without Jerusalem, and 32.1% said that they don’t mind carrying the elections without Jerusalem, and 9.7% remains undecided.

In the event that there is a list of candidates with President Abbas for the Palestinian presidential elections, 32.9% said that they would vote for President Abbas and 26.4% said that they would vote for Marwan Barghouti, 23.5% said that they would vote for Ismail Haniyeh and 17.2% said that they would vote for Muhammad Dahlan.

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