Abu Dhabi a top pick for overseas work relocation


Abu Dhabi is among the world’s top five cities for worker relocation.

We don’t need to extoll the virtues of living in the UAE capital to you, reader. You know as well as we do that Abu Dhabi’s crisp white beaches, rich cultural tapestry and booming culinary and nightlife scene make it a prime destination for professionals from all corners of the globe.

But now it’s officially the case, according to an in-depth study by management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group and global recruitment alliance The Network.

The report – entitled ‘Decoding Global Talent, Onsite and Virtual’– billed Abu Dhabi as the fifth most desirable destination for people seeking employment overseas. Taking three months to complete, the study heard from 209,000 respondents in 190 countries, underscoring Abu Dhabi’s appeal to people from an enormously diverse demographic.

The report, the third published by Boston Consulting Group and The Network since 2014, also noted a fall in the percentage of people willing to move abroad for work – down to an even 50% from 63%.

However, it added that people in the Middle East and North Africa are the biggest exception to the declining interest in working abroad.

Dubai was also named in the top five, ranking third behind the UK capital of London in top spot and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in second.

“Hiring people from other countries is not a new practice for employers,” said Pierre Antebi, a co–managing director of The Network and one of the report’s authors. “But the trend of remote working makes it possible to do it on a broader scale and expand the available talent pool.

“There’s also an upside for workers, who can advance their careers without uprooting their lives.”

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