No agreement on Lebanon government after president, PM-designate meet


BEIRUT – There was no agreement on a new Lebanese cabinet after a scheduled meeting on Monday between President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri.

Hariri said after the meeting Aoun had insisted on a blocking majority in government for his political allies.

Aoun sent a list suggesting different scenarios for a cabinet of either 18, 20 or 22 ministers, with names to be filled in, Hariri said.

“This is unacceptable because it is not the job of the prime minister-designate to fill forms from someone else or of the president to form a government.”

The lack of agreement came after a hint of positivity on Thursday when the two last met and Hariri had said the priority was to form a government that would restart talks with the International Monetary Fund.

Lebanon is in a deep financial crisis that poses the biggest threat to its stability since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Politicians have since late 2019 failed to agree a rescue plan to unlock foreign cash which Lebanon desperately needs.


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