Palestine calls on the world to condemn occupation


Ramallah – Palestine on Saturday called on the international community to asume its obligations on the protection of its people amid a wave of arrests by Israeli occupation troops.
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the occasion of Prisonerss Day, a few hours after the denunciation by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) according to which Israeli forces carried out over 3,400 raids and arrested nearly 5,000 Palestinians in the occupied territories in 2020.

The PLO also condemned the prosecution of civilians at Israeli military courts, of whom 4,500 are still in prison without charges and access to legal defense, including 168 minors.

Both texts were published after the 20th anniversary of the imprisonment of prominent Palestinian deputy Marwan Baeghouti, sentenced to two life imprisonments and 40 years in jail for opposing the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

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