Iraqi security forces thwart a suicide bombing outside National Security building in Kirkuk


Iraqi security forces thwarted on Thursday a suicide bombing attack outside the National Security building in the northern city of Kirkuk, state Iraq News Agency(INA) said.

Iraqi security forces killed the would-be suicide bomber, however the explosive belt he was wearing detonated by the bullets shot at the man wounding two security officers, INA said.

“A suicide bomber tried to blow himself up in the National Security building in the Qurayyah area in the city of Kirkuk, but the guards shot him,” Colonel Yusef Saleh, director of Domiz police station in Kirkuk, told the Rudaw media network.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attempted bombing.

Bombings in Iraq, once a near-daily occurrence, became rare since ISIS was defeated in 2017.

Earlier this month, ISIS claimed a car bomb in Bagdad’s Sadr City which killed one and injured a dozen people.

The extremist group also claimed a January attack on a crowded market that killed 32 people. It was the deadliest attack in Iraq in nearly three years.

Despite ISIS being significantly weakened, the group maintains sleeper cells in Iraq.

In recent months, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service and other security forces have launched a series of military operations in remote areas, mainly in northern Iraq, to hunt down ISIS militants.

The recent attacks come at a sensitive time. National elections are planned for October and Washington has said it will remove US combat forces from Iraq, but some troops could remain in an advisory capacity.

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