Coronavirus: UAE records 1,974 new cases and three deaths


The UAE reported 1,974 new coronavirus cases and 1,836 recoveries on Friday.

Officials said three people died of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

The country has recorded 520,236 cases, 500,779 recoveries and 1,587 deaths since the first infection was detected in the Emirates on January 29 last year.

Widespread testing and tracing, stringent safety measures and a high vaccination rate are credited with bringing down daily infection numbers.

Case numbers have dropped since reaching close to 4,000 a day in January.

An additional 204,093 tests were conducted over the most recent 24-hour monitoring period.

To date, more than 10.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered across the country, a vaccine distribution rate of 106.64 doses per 100 people.

Abroad, the UAE is supporting countries harder hit by the pandemic.

Medical supplies sent from the Emirates to India to help it fight the coronavirus arrived on Friday.

Equipment included 157 ventilators and 480 bilevel positive airway pressure machines used to ease breathing difficulties.

Meanwhile, flights between the stricken nation and the UAE will remain suspended until May 14, when a further decision will be made.

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