Gaza Electricity warns: power plants will stop imminent


MEA – The Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation has warned of an imminent stop to the only power station in the Strip, after the occupation prevented the entry of its fuel through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The company said in a statement: “The Gaza Governorates Electricity Distribution Company is seriously considering the repercussions of the disruption of the Jabalia line feeding the northern Gaza Strip just before, especially since the exit of this line from service will raise the number of the main lines that are out of service to four lines, which constitute (45) %) Of the incoming energy from inside the Green Line, with a total capacity of (50) megawatts, as well as preventing the entry of fuel shipments needed to operate the only power station in the Gaza Strip due to the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, as this will exacerbate the burden and pressure on the electricity and energy sector, This is something that has not happened previously and will constitute a sharp and dangerous turning point that threatens the imminent collapse of most vital sectors in Gaza, most notably the health, water, environment, sanitation and public services sector, and this matter will be considered imminent and inevitable in the event that the power plant stops working completely.

The company added: “The current availability of electricity is estimated at (125-110) megawatts, while the demand has reached about (400) megawatts, with a deficit of nearly (70%), which calls for us to send an urgent appeal to the international community and human rights institutions for quick and urgent intervention to stop The collapse of the health, water, environment and public services sectors, the collapse of which would have a grave impact on more than two million people.

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