Steve Harvey will release non-fungible tokens to benefit charity


Global entertainer, businessman and philanthropist Steve Harvey is launching his first-ever non fungible tokens on The proceeds from the first NFT sales will go to the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

There are three NFTs to choose from. The first will be minted in 112 editions, a nod to Mr Harvey’s childhood home on East 112th Street in Cleveland. The second NFT includes a Steve Harvey digital signature consisting of three editions. The final NFT release, limited to one edition, will be sold at auction and will include the tie featured in the NFT autographed by Harvey.

“As a boy growing up in Cleveland, I never had the newest things but I’ve always been interested in learning and doing better,” Mr Harvey said.

“And what I’ve learned from doing business all over the world, is that there is always something new to create and invest in. So, I’m excited about NFTs, and this new opportunity to give back via the Foundation while also bringing awareness to this new technology.”

Alexander Salnikov, the founder of, has worked in blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2012.

“NFTs are fun and the platform makes it simple to create and own the digital item using the Ethereum blockchain,” Mr Salnikov said.

“We’re honoured to host Steve’s first NFT drop. He’s a trailblazer and a global voice who speaks to people everywhere.”

NFTs are the hottest blockchain application since cryptocurrency.

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