The Israeli army reveals the number of aircraft and missiles that attacked Gaza last night


MEA – The Israeli army announced, on Friday morning, the use of 160 aircraft and about 450 missiles and shells to raid the Gaza Strip last night, indicating that it had targeted 150 targets in the Strip, and eliminated a senior official in the anti-armor missile system.

“Since midnight last night, about 160 aircraft from about 6 airbases have taken part and used 450 missiles and shells to raid about 150 targets within about 40 minutes,” Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraei said in a statement.

“These raids were aimed at directing a heavy blow to the underground interests of the Hamas metro, which is located under the northern and eastern neighborhoods in the vicinity of Gaza City,” Adraee added.

“It also appears that a senior official in the Islamic Jihad’s anti-tank missile launch system has been eliminated,” he added.

Adraee pointed out that the Hodeidah Dome system “intercepted an unmanned aircraft that penetrated Israeli airspace from the southern Gaza Strip.”

Yesterday evening, Thursday, the Israeli army said that the air and ground forces were launching intense bombardment on the northern Gaza Strip as part of the ongoing military operation against the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”.

On Monday, the Israeli forces began a massive bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip, confirming that they had targeted hundreds of targets for “Hamas” and “Islamic Jihad”, while the Palestinian health authorities in the Gaza Strip announced that more than 109 Palestinians had been killed, including 28 children, in addition to 621 wounded so far. While the Palestinian factions launched intense strikes on vital installations in Israel, including airports, most of the rockets were intercepted, but the attacks killed at least 7 Israelis.

Today, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades announced a major missile strike with 100 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Ashkelon, in response to the Israeli army’s targeting of civilians and the bombing of infrastructure and civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip, while warning sirens sounded in a large number of Israeli areas and towns adjacent to the strip.

Tensions escalated between the Gaza Strip and Israel due to the events in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem.

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