COVID-19 in Egypt: 1,197 new cases, 56 deaths on Friday


Egypt’s Health Ministry on Friday confirmed 1,197 new coronavirus cases, 56 new deaths, and 556 recoveries.

The country has now reported a total of 243,317 cases, 14,206 deaths, and 179,817 recovered cases.

In response to climbing infection numbers, the Egyptian cabinet on Wednesday announced that from May 6 to May 21, all restaurants, cafés, shops, and malls must close at nine pm.

Furthermore, all public beaches and parks will be closed during the five-day Eid al-Fitr holiday, which began May 12.

The Head of the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus Hossam Hosny, stressed that the authorities are taking strict measures to prevent the arrival of the Indian virus strain to Egypt.

During phone-in on Friday with al-Oula channel of the state-TV, Hosny said that all Egyptian ports are at high-alert to prevent the entry of anyone suspected to carry the Indian coronavirus strain.

The Indian strain is severe, has a high mortality rate, and is resistant to vaccines, he warned.

Hosny said that precautionary measures are a lifeline for the individual, their family and society, and stressed that the only solution to prevent further spread is strict adherence to all measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and seeking health care.

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