Palestine: Will there be a ceasefire in the middle of the week?


MEA – Israeli reports said today, Sunday, that the aggression on Gaza may end in the middle of this week, in the absence of unexpected events, such as the fall of a large number of “killings” on one side. The Israeli Cabinet will hold a meeting today to discuss developments.

The Hebrew newspaper Maariv said that at this stage, no decision has been taken in Israel yet regarding a ceasefire with Hamas.

However, senior Israeli officials at the political level believe that there is now a great possibility that conditions will ripen by the middle of the week, in line with developments on the ground, to end the fighting during the middle of this week.

The newspaper added that the security establishment is satisfied with the results of the operation so far, so discussions have already begun on a mechanism to end the operation and reach more operational achievements until the ceasefire.

An Israeli security source told Maarif: “Apart from the results of the fighting, we must strive hard. If there is a ceasefire, there will be clear lines with Hamas. The situation can also be used to advance a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.”

Meanwhile, international efforts are increasing to end the fighting, especially in the wake of the death of women and children in the Al-Shati massacre that took place last night.

The fifteen members of the Security Council are meeting today for the first public discussion of the current round of fighting.

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