The Jordanian parliament unanimously vote expels the Israeli ambassador


Today, Monday, the Jordanian Parliament, in the session devoted to discussing the situation in Palestine, gathered to take an official position by expelling the Israeli ambassador in Amman, while MPs called for the support of the Palestinian people.

While the Jordanian government confirmed, through Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh, that Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah II, will remain the bond and the defender of the Palestinian cause, its sanctities and the rights of the Palestinian people, and he promised to study the memo of the deputies regarding the expulsion of the ambassador when it reaches the government.

The deputies expressed their rejection of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the attacks and violations against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the interior, and the West Bank.

The deputies also called for the suspension of all agreements and treaties concluded with the Israeli occupation, chief among them the peace treaty and the gas agreement.

The head of the Palestine Parliamentary Committee, Muhammad Al-Dhahrawi, said in an interview with Wafa, “The House of Representatives did not meet on one issue, such as their agreement to expel the Israeli ambassador from Amman, expecting that the official position would be consistent with the popular position and the parliamentary position.”

Al-Dhahrawi demanded to cut ties with the Israeli occupation, stressing that we should not have an Israeli ambassador in Amman, and we should not have an ambassador in Tel Aviv.

Al-Dhahrawi paid a salute of appreciation and reverence to the steadfast and patient Palestinian people in Jerusalem, Gaza and the rest of the occupied homeland.

Al-Dhahrawi greeted the families of Sheikh Jarrah, stressing that his phone is open to them at any time, indicating that there is a full legal team willing to cooperate with them to prove their right.

Jordanian MP Khalil Attia told Wafa that the Jordanian parliament discussed the Israeli crimes and violations committed against our people in Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied homeland.

Attia stressed that the deputies ’demands are summarized in the memorandum that was submitted to the government and signed by all the deputies, which calls for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman, and usually the Jordanian ambassador from the Zionist entity.

Attiyah indicated that he conveyed a letter from the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem to the Jordanian government, demanding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complete sending papers that prove their right to their properties in Jerusalem.

He said that there are still incomplete papers that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is following the Palestinian issue despite his illness, will provide them with a clear influence on international decisions.

Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh, affirmed that Jordan will remain a thorn in shaving the machinations of targeting the Palestinian cause, “directing a tribute to the soul of the martyrs of Palestine who joined the convoys of martyrs in defense of the Palestinian cause and its centrality.”

“We are the closest to Palestine and the most sense of its pain,” he said. “Jordanian blood has always been mixed with Palestinian blood in defense of Palestine.”

The Prime Minister promised the House of Representatives to study the parliamentary memorandum regarding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Amman, as soon as it comes to the government, in addition to studying other options available to the government, then returning to the parliament and consulting with the representatives.

He added that everyone in the government and the council belongs to a martyr or a person who defended the Palestine fever, and we are in one boat, and there is no country in the world that has come to Palestine more than Jordan, its leadership and its people, to obtain Palestinian rights and establish the Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967.

He indicated that the government will always be at the level of the event, and it will make decisions according to the system of national interest, so that Jordan will be a support and backer for the Palestinian cause, and decisions will be studied and the memo of the representatives will be consulted with the Council on them.

On his side, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Ayman Safadi said that the government, since 2019, has been involved in the issue of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the people of the neighborhood.

He added that the government presented the documents and did not spare any effort to support the citizens of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and all the documents in Jordan’s possession were presented, and every paper and archive were searched and submitted to the people and the Palestinian government, and the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood were also provided with the agreement signed between Jordan and UNRWA.

MP Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi asserted that the issue is not Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, but a piece of land, part of the Arab land called Palestine colonized by settler colonialism, based on killing people, displacing them and judaizing the land, and this is the strangest colonialism in history.

He added that for a long time we have known that the people’s war of liberation is the only way to liberate Palestine.

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