165 raids carried out by Israeli aircraft on the ninth day of the Israeli aggression


MEA – The occupation aircraft, its artillery, and its warships launched more than 1615 raids and attacks since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, affecting various areas of the Gaza Strip, focusing on the bombing of homes, residential buildings, government headquarters, and the infrastructure of roads, electricity, water and sewage networks.

Last night’s raids reached more than 165 raids carried out by aircraft, artillery and battleships of the occupation, and the bombing was concentrated in the west and east of Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip.

This aggression resulted in the death of 213 martyrs, including 61 children, 36 women, while the number of wounded reached 1442, most of them women and children.

Salama Maarouf, head of the government media office, indicated that the aggression caused great material losses and damage to infrastructure, citizens’ homes and farms, which amounted to more than $ 243.8 million in its initial estimates, including: $ 176.6 million, direct losses, while indirect losses were estimated at nearly $ 67.2 million.

He explained in a press conference that the number of houses and residential homes were bombed, totaling more than 1,174 units, between total and severe demolitions, in addition to at least 7,073 housing units damaged by moderate and partial damages as a result of the continuous bombing.

While 156 residential towers and homes were bombed and completely demolished, 33 media headquarters were completely demolished, in addition to damages to hundreds of institutions, associations and other offices, and the initial direct losses in the housing sector amounted to a total of $ 54 million.

The Israeli warplanes bombed 73 government headquarters and public facilities, which varied between police and security headquarters and service facilities. Estimates of direct losses amounted to $ 23 million, and 57 schools, health facilities and primary care clinics were severely and partially damaged by the heavy bombing in their vicinity.

The occupation bombed animal farms, agricultural lands, wells and irrigation networks, with an initial loss of $ 22 million.

He pointed out that direct losses of $ 27 million occurred in the economic and commercial establishments, as a result of their bombing, including the bombing of the industrial zone and the direct targeting of a number of factories, while the bombing of streets and infrastructure represented by water and sanitation networks amounted to initial losses amounting to $ 22 million.

He explained that direct losses amounting to $ 12 million in the energy sector as a result of bombing networks, transformers and power lines, with dozens of vehicles damaged completely and partially, with an estimated value of more than $ 5.5 million in losses, and damage to communications, internet, transformers and equipment, with a value of $ 6.1 million.

Eight mosques were completely or severely demolished, and 26 mosques, one church, and a five-storey endowment building and endowment facilities were damaged by the bombing, with direct material losses estimated at $ 5 million, with the occupation continuing to close commercial crossings in the Gaza Strip and preventing fishermen from descending into the sea.

He stressed that the ongoing occupation crime has left a difficult humanitarian reality, especially with the displacement of thousands of families from the border areas under bombardment, as well as preventing the supply of basic needs and commodities for citizens due to the closure of the crossings and even the necessary feed for animals, and preventing the entry of fuel to the power station, which is considered a humanitarian crime and a war of extermination against the children. Our people are all in the Gaza Strip.

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